Boats&Barcos is proud to announce our partnership with Fliteboard, the world's most awarded eFoil.

Feel the freedom of flying over the water without the need for wind or waves on a high performance eFoil, built with the highest quality materials. 

Four boards are available to suit different weights and rider needs. Finishes, wings, and other components can be configured to suit your personal style, with over 200 different combinations. 

Modular components make Fliteboard easy to transport, set-up, and customise to suit you, your yachts and your guests individual style. 


  • World’s most awarded eFoil 
  • Widest range of eFoil boards for all experience levels 
  • 2-year warranty & global support— Safe and durable 
  • Integrated tech platform to enhance your experience 
  • A more sustainable future – Fliteboard is dedicated to pioneering the shift towards more environmentally friendly marine craft. That’s why Fliteboard is quiet, emission free and doesn’t leave any wake or pollution behind.   
  • Hydrodynamic and aeronautical design Developed by world leading Naval Architects 

High performance versatility.

It’s no wonder Fliteboard is the most popular model. It planes early, making it easy to learn with, yet remains agile for advanced riders. Its modular design means you can teach friends the basics, then attach advanced wings to push your own performance.

Suitable for all experience levels

Fliteboard makes it easy for anyone to foil. It’s buoyant enough for quick and stable aquaplaning, and easy enough for learners to manoeuvre. Whether the goal is to foil for the longest time, or track the fastest speed, it’s guaranteed fun for any age or skill.


The longer mast length allows smooth riding high above the chop and allows for an extreme turning angle without the board touching the water.

All purpose wing, easy and stable enough for anyone to use. Medium cruising speeds. Carving and riding swell.

Upgrade for free to Flitecell Explore for a longer ride time (valued at €320).

Our most popular and versatile Fliteboard. Suits riders from beginner to advanced. Enough volume and deck area for early planing and easy pop-up, yet still highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport.

Fliteboard Pro
Fliteboard Pro

Responsive and adventure ready

An agile eFoil, Fliteboard PRO is for confident riders. Whether you’re quick to pick up foiling, or a seasoned rider, it’s the perfect board to push your boundaries and test agility.

A sleek size

Fliteboard PRO is a smaller board. So it’s perfect for lighter-weight riders, pros or those looking to finesse their foiling skills.

Attachable Pro Tail Cover

Ready for a challenge? Remove the Prop Guard and attach the Pro Tail Cover. Then watch how your performance increases (with practice, of course).

Strong and light

Made from aircraft-grade aluminium with Carbon Innegra for lightweight strength and rigidity.

Fliteboard Air
Fliteboard Air

Built for the toughest adventures. Even learning.

Fliteboard AIR is made for learning and exploring. Because it’s inflatable, it’s compact enough to take anywhere with you, and thanks to its durability, it’s super stable and easy to foil with. Making it ideal for families, yachts and Fliteschools. Simply inflate and let the fun begin.

Light and strong

Fliteboard AIR is durable and lightweight. It’s made from a PVC-coated, drop-stitch material that inflates up to 15-16 PSI for better buoyancy and paddling stability.

Fliteboard Ultra
Fliteboard Ultra

Take eFoiling to new heights

Looking for a more daring experience? Fliteboard ULTRA is for expert riders looking to push their boundaries. It features reduced weight, a streamlined design and optional foot straps that make it perfect for waves, jumps and racing.

A pocket rocket for performance

At 4 foot, 2 inches, ULTRA’s reduced swing weight lets you go faster and turn harder.

Strap in foil like never before. ULTRA lets you put on foot straps that connect you to the board for whenever you’re looking to push the limits.

Upgrade with True Glide and Pro Tail Cover

The True GlideTM Propeller helps riders soar with and without the use of the motor, while replacing the Prop Guard with the Pro Tail Cover increases your performance.