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Boats and Barcos have over 100 years of marine experience, we offer the industries up to date and innovative solutions to maintenance and refurbishment of your vessel.

Complementary inspection and quotation available

Wax Polishing, Ceramic Coatings & Nano Technology

Our vessels are exposed the harsh conditions of salt water, acid rain and extreme sunlight, it is imperative to find the cost effective solution to protecting your vessel throughout the seasons.

We advise that as a minimum your hull should be two or three part wax polished every year and the superstructure every two years, we like to finish with an ultraviolet filtrating wax. That said, there are now harder and more durable coatings (ceramic and nano technology coatings) available which are slightly more expensive to apply but lasting longer, giving longevity to the mirrored finish of your vessel but more importantly providing a longer protection from the elements (ultraviolet and salt).


Please contact us to discuss the various polishing options with up to date information to new and innovative coatings.


When a boat is kept in salt water, seawater and marine particles especially in the Med, will cause growth to occur on the underside of your hull. This growth can significantly affect the performance of your boat. High levels of growth on the hull can slow powerboats by 5knots and could increase fuel consumption by over 30%.


To reduce the speed of growth and protect the hull it is important to antifoul your boat by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat.


In general, for boats that are stored in the water, the hull should be inspected every year to check if it is necesary to antifoul.


If the boat is kept out of the water it will need to be done less frequently.


There are different types of antifoul paints for different types of boats, situations and even locations.


Conatct us to find out more about the different antifouling options and associated services.

Cleaning, Guardinarge & Yacht Management

Boats and Barcos offer a full and complete range of cleaning and Guardiarge services from basic wash down to full cleaning and maintenance packages.

With many vessels already under maintenance and years of experience in maintaining vessels we use the industries premium products to insure your vessel is protected from the elements whilst maintaining to the highest standard, our cleaning will help to avoid premature deterioration of paint, varnish, furnishings, stainless steel, teak and covers.

Please see our list of standard services however we look forward to discussing a specific package personalised to your requirements, please contact us for a complementary inspection and quotation.

Wash down

Glass polishing

Stainless steel polishing

Metal corrosion treatment

Sea water strainer cleaning Clean air conditioning air filters Bilge cleaning

Clear deck drains

Black water tank cleaning Grey water tank cleaning Fender cleaning

Protective cover cleaning Protective cover waterproofing

Exterior cushion waxing and conditioning Mould treatment

Teak sanding, cleaning and staining Interior cleaning

Laundry services

Interior carpet steam cleaning

Headlining cleaning and sweeping

Bilge pump cleaning and monitoring

Antibacterial clean (all cupboards, handles, remotes, kitchen/galley, heads /bathrooms, fridges etc) Pre arrival preparation

Post usage closing of vessel

Under water hull cleaning

Sail cleaning and repair

Tender cleaning

Pump, engine and generator run ups in periods of light use

Fibreglass polishing

Upholstry replacement, repair and cleaning