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Our vessels are exposed the harsh conditions of salt water, acid rain and extreme sunlight, it is imperative to find the right solution to protect your vessel throughout the seasons.

We advise that as a minimum your hull should be two or three part wax polished every year and the superstructure every two years. That said, there are now harder and more durable coatings such as ceramic, available which are slightly more expensive to apply but last longer, giving longevity to the mirrored finish of your vessel but more importantly providing a longer protection from the elements (ultraviolet and salt).

With intimate knowledge of the Marine paint, varnish and protective coatings and working closely with captains, marine surveyors, project managers and shipyards, we have found that Rokoat provide the ultimate protection for all yacht surfaces.

We also offer a large range of retail products that will help protect, clean and maintain almost every surface on your yacht.

Please contact us to discuss the various polishing options with up to date information to new and innovative coatings.


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In order to maintain the shine and quality of your surfaces, it is necessary to protect them by applying protective treatments. We can treat almost all surfaces such as teak, gel-coat, metal and varnished surfaces.

Service Features

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Available Products

TechShield High-Temp Paint
RPX3000 Ultra 20 AM
RPX3000 Extreme
SecuraKoat ClearGlass
Rokoat MultiProtect AM Extreme
SecuraKoat WetGrip
TechShield Bonding Primer
TechShield Thermal Reduction Coating
Rokoat LVT – Leather, Vinyl & Tender Protection
Rokoat PolyWash – Streak Free, Brilliant Shine